Ankita Sancheti

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I consider myself to be on a creative journey that continues to surprise me every time I step in front of my canvas. My paintings continue to evolve in style and technique, but one thing stays constant: I am in love with conceptual art. My artwork is inspired by my multicultural experiences, social issues and admiration for nature.

I love to experiment with either a monochromatic palette or an explosion of vibrant colors, depending on my mood.  The process of applying paint to canvas is an emotional experience for me.  Exploring the use of shadow and light as a push and pull of interest for the viewer is a constant theme in my art. My paintings strive to uplift the viewer's spirit and make one think about the stories behind them.

I believe in the power of art to transform individuals and communities. How people respond to their environment, how they see themselves and how they respond to life fascinates me. I often start each painting with a simple concept or idea in mind, and then I start placing color throughout the canvas, letting the colors intuitively reveal the composition.  The paintings develop in response to the energy created between myself and the subject.

Indomitable Spirits

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She is power. She empowers.

She is strength. She gives strength.

She is choice. She enables choice.

She is a thought. She forces thought.

She is a dream. She demands dreams.


She cannot be subdued.

She is a story. A story untold.


Indomitable Spirits is a celebration of women who personify freedom, power and empathy in their ordinary, everyday lives. The strokes in the paintings attempt to capture the spectrum of spirit these women represent - from bold to subdued, from intricate to fluid, and from monochrome to an explosion of hues.