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Art As Therapy 

02/05/22 - 04/16/22 

Thank you for your interest in the program and exhibition! Please read this document in its entirety before committing. The last day to commit is January 28, 2022. After reviewing this document, please respond with a confirmation that you understand the program and whether or not you will be participating. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Because of capitalism, many artists face an issue where they have to choose between doing what they love and being able to survive. Unfortunately those who attempt to make a fruitful career out of creating and selling their art suffer from burnout, creative blockages, and in severe cases a loss of passion. Too often, artists are pressured to have the value of their work be assigned by an audience. When this happens, they often find themselves disappointed, and begin to ask the questions, why am I even doing this? Who am I doing this for? In this exhibition we are attempting to answer that question the right way. ART AS THERAPY is a journey where a panel of artists completed several prompts designed to heal their relationship with their craft and to reclaim the value of their work. 



1. To define success as an artist based on your beliefs and values. 

2. To create without considering an audience, monetary value, or social media content. 

3. To improve your relationship with art by relieving societal pressure. 4. To connect with fellow artists and explore different perspectives. 5. To share your findings with the public and inspire others to take on a similar journey.



Meetings will take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, at 1:00 PM 

● February 5, 2022 / February 19, 2022 

● March 5, 2022 / March 19, 2022 

● April 2, 2022 / April 16, 2022 


-Postcard to a Past Self (2-5 to 2-19) 

If you could talk to yourself back when you first began creating, what would you say? Would you give any advice? Where are you now compared to then? 

-Map to Success (2-19 to 3-5) 

What does success look like to you? How are you getting there? Do you have to take detours or alternate routes? From beginning to end, where do you find yourself on your journey right now? 

-Mandala of Your Creative Center (3-5 to 3-19) 

A mandala is a geometric symbol made up of layers that represent many layers of a journey, experience, or in this case yourself as an artist. How many layers do you have? How does your core differ from your outermost layers? What makes up the layers in between? 

-Indulgent (3-19 to 4-2) 

If you haven’t had time to create something solely for your own enjoyment, this is your opportunity. What do you like to make? What’s something you’ve been wanting to make, but haven’t yet? Maybe revisit a project you never finished. 

-Self Portrait (4-2 to 4-16) 

Who are you as an artist? Without considering an audience, exposure, or outside critique, what does your work mean to you?


Final Reflection (4-16) 

At our last meeting, we will be bringing all of our work to Atithi Studios and having a conversation about the program. This is the final opportunity to reflect on the thesis and evaluate our goals. 



Artists are encouraged to work at their own pace, but we recommend completing the prompts in order. All artwork to be displayed should be completely finished and submitted by April 16, 2022. Artists are NOT required to display their work for the exhibition. 

Program Dues 

We encourage the participating artists to make a one time contribution of $15 to Atithi Studios for graciously hosting this program and exhibition.

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