"A showcase of unexpected masterpieces."

Photography is the art of capturing a moment. Among the myriad of techniques that photographers use to create their works, unplanned photoshoots often bring out the most interesting results. Impromptu is an exhibition where we aim to celebrate the serendipity of photography by inviting a handful of artists of varying experience levels to showcase their unexpected masterpieces.


Sager McDill

My Name is Sager McDill and I am an Artist from Pittsburgh.PA but specifically identify with the Northern and Eastern parts of the city. I spent the majority of my life within the east side area, specifically Homewood & East Liberty. My Work has no Set direction. My objective is valuing what is important to me. One Medium that I

focus mostly on is the photojournalism of gentrification. Documenting the ins and outs within our communities we spent our whole lives in is essential to me; due to the fact of it’s drastic changes. So much change in such little time with this causing many families being displaced due to the increasing taxes and cost of living in their once affordable communities resulting in the locals being forced to relocate due to these changes.

Balancing A full-time job as an automotive technician while also maintaining my artistry can be a challenging one but I look to my Parents and Grandparents for guidance. My family is my biggest Inspiration. Their Resilience uplifts me through the hardships of everyday life which have motivated me to get up everyday and try my Best no matter the task at hand. They have been my voice of reason and the driving force to never give up. I've seen them make things that I thought were impossible happen. with great risk comes great reward

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Bethany Lyn

I am a fine art and portrait photographer. I utilize photoshop to create imaginative painterly scenes to explore story and interaction. I layer multiple images together to foster creative play in controlled chaos.

I have always been afraid of losing things, or forgetting something. As a child I would take pictures of every seemingly insignificant detail of vacations - a hotel room before I left, so I wouldn't forget. Creating this work has become a way to not lose the intangible meanderings of my imagination.

I work predominantly in self portraiture starting with good light and a strong pose as the foundation of each piece. I utilize additive and subtractive painting techniques in photoshop to build dynamic images heavy in texture and detail.

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David Grim

"Pittsburgh photographer David Grim, who shot The Northside Chronicle’s April 2020 cover image, started taking pictures in his 20s with a Polaroid Land Camera. His street photography, he says, took off organically as a way for him to both capture what he saw on long, solitary walks and take a closer look at the residential areas surrounding him." -Northside Chronicles


Autumn Hyde

Autumn is an artist and art educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began shooting film two decades ago and maintains a darkroom; all of her photo work is produced with traditional methods. Autumn holds a BFA in ceramics and Art History from Slippery Rock University. She currently teaches both ceramics and photography at the Community College of Allegheny County where her teaching practice focuses on creating accessible and decolonized course materials. She also serves on the board at Creative Citizen Studios, a local nonprofit providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to make, sell, and exhibit their work. Autumn envisions a vibrant local art community that is accessible and inclusive for all. 


Jessica Steigerwald

Impromptu is Jessica Steigerwald’s modus operandi when it comes to photography. Inspired by the likes of Nan Goldin, Stephen Shore, Martin Parr, and Teenie Harris, as well as the wide world of vernacular photography, Jessica seeks to document often-overlooked moments, scenes, and objects. Utilizing 35mm film and disposable (but reloadable) cameras reminisces to her childhood when she first started pressing shutters. Fully embracing the snapshot aesthetic anew, Jessica has been primarily photographing and exhibiting in this fashion since 2017. In addition to her individual photographic endeavors, she is the curator of Lucky Charms, a body of work photographed by numerous individuals on the same disposable-style cameras between 2017 and 2020.


Sean Hummel

My work represents my journey. Each creation, no matter the medium, carries a piece of my heart and soul. It stands for a space in time where my journey allowed itself to be captured. Left suspended, where it came into being, and steadfast like a statue of bronze. Creating is my journaling. What inspires me to capture a feeling is reminiscent of my love for being open about life and all that it possesses. We all see the world from different focal points but together we are one. Let us make the world a brighter place.


Sean Hummel was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Hard working and full of smiles, he is always seeking something new and interesting. Photography became his humble passion around 2015 as a reasonable outlet of expression for one who’s always on the move. Mindfulness drove him to keep a steady awareness of his surroundings, leaving room to “stop and smell the roses” and take a picture while he was at it. 


“The curious wanderer, the experiencer of experiences, the man with a grin…”