Tim Engelhardt

Tim Engelhardt is a Pittsburgh based contemporary artist exploring the emotions and struggles that keep us emotionally isolated from one another. He works primarily with oil paints, creating thick textures and using bold colors that move and shape his paintings. For Tim, painting is a full body exercise, each gesture and movement transposed onto the canvas, each stroke informing the next, culminating in works full of nuance and emotion. A graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Tim worked for 12 years as a graphic designer before starting his career as a studio artist and muralist. He is endlessly finding inspiration in the world around him and looks for ways to creatively incorporate them into his work. Tim has been juried into the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, The Pittsburgh Society of Artists and The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. When not working, Tim can be found hiking and backpacking, playing guitar and spending time with his wife and daughter.


In “Looking...”, Tim Engelhardt’s abstract portrait series captures the feelings and insecurities that often leaves us feeling alone and isolated. Lines and color meant to exaggerate facial planes represent our attempts to compartmentalize our lives. But those compartments often bleed into each other; the lines get blurred, the break might be jagged and harsh, unexpected. All these frame eyes that evoke emotional responses and connections with the viewer. They tell stories often alluded to in their titles. They avoid our eyes, looking for “someplace” better, some “time” that is better. These paintings invite us to confront and share these feelings, pulling us out of our shame and isolation. In the end, we are faced with the simple yet loaded question, “What am I looking for?”