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Art As Therapy Exhibition

Why do artists create? For some, it’s a job that provides financial stability, for others, it’s a primal urge that cannot be ignored. While certain artists create works that express their ideals, others use it to address gruesome realities. Regardless of what kind of art is made and why, the act of creation is complex and doesn’t always come easily. It’s common to subscribe to the idea that if I am an artist, but I don’t make art, or worse, the art I make is not good, then I am not good. This toxic mindset permeates the community with feelings of inadequacy, competition, and eventually burnout.

There is an expansive combination of factors that contribute to this decay of creativity, some of which are out of an individual’s control. The main purpose of the Art As Therapy program was for artists to get back in the driver’s seat of their creativity. To explore what drew them to art in the first place, and embrace the act of creating for creation’s sake. Without considering an audience or end result, these artists intuitively responded to prompts and practiced mindfulness throughout their processes.

During monthly meetups, the participants shared their findings with a diverse group of peers. While each artist specialized in their own mediums, it became clear that the obstacles of creativity transcend disciplines. Through conversations surrounding the prompts and each artist’s experience, members walked away from the program with a newfound sense of direction, community, and creativity. It’s no secret that a majority of the artistic experience involves troubleshooting and problem solving, we found that addressing these issues in a non judgmental, intimate group setting helped artists reach their solutions quickly, and without negative spiraling or the worst habit of them all: giving up.

The Art as Therapy exhibition celebrates the artists who participated in the 6 month program that took place throughout the second half of 2022. The display showcases the work of a handful of artists who excelled throughout the program. Although the idea of an exhibition may seem counterproductive to the overarching theme of the program, its purpose is to reach other blocked or apprehensive creatives and to represent artwork that was created for noncommercial purposes in a gallery setting. What does art meant for no one but the artist look like? Find out at Atithi Studios from January 13th, 2023 to February 19th, 2023! The opening reception takes place on Friday, January 13th, 2023 from 6PM-9PM. Email to schedule a tour or learn more about the exhibition.

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