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Art As Therapy


Unlock the therapeutic potential of artmaking! The Art as Therapy club is an ever-growing community of creatives who aim to shift the focus of artmaking to the process instead of the product. All disciplines and experience levels are welcome to respond to prompts, engage in discussions, and share projects for feedback in a judgment-free atmosphere.

Our Goals:

  1. To define success as an artist based on your beliefs and values. 

  2. To create without considering an audience, monetary value, or social media content. 

  3. To improve your relationship with art by relieving societal pressure. 

  4. To connect with fellow artists and explore different perspectives. 

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 1-3PM.


Writer's Club


The writer’s club at Atithi Studios is an ongoing program where writers of all experience levels are welcome to explore the craft through discussions, feedback circles, prompts and creative exercises.

This group is open to all who enjoy the craft of writing. Participants are not required, but encouraged to bring work samples of their own to share with the group.  Writer’s will be asked to contribute a flexible admission fee for entry to each meetup. This is a casual ongoing club and consecutive attendance is not required. Materials will be provided if you do not bring your own.

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 1-3PM.

The Artist's Way Creative Cluster

Written by bestselling author and philosopher, Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way is not only a book, but a lifestyle. The 12 week course offers the reader with various tools and exercises that aim to unblock creativity. Julia sees creativity as an innate part of everyone's spirit, and argues that practicing creativity is a way of nurturing our souls. If you believe creativity is essential to living a fulfilling life, but have a hard time tapping into it, or making time for it, then this book is for you. Atithi Studios hosts a weekly meetup group to discuss the chapters and exercises throughout the course. Creative Clusters are a communal experience of joy and exploration, a rest stop for readers to recharge before moving onto the next chapter of their creative recovery journeys. 

Meetups are held every Friday from 2-4PM.


Pay What You Can.


All Atithi Programs use the "Pay What You Can" framework to fund our programs. We recommend an admission price, but Artists are not required or expected to pay unless they want to. Contributions compensate facilitators for their time and expertise, and help keep these efforts going! To contribute to a program, click here. 

Program Registration

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