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corey ochai

Corey Ochai, a native of Braddock and longtime Sharpsburg resident, is a self-taught artist who concentrates his work in painting. Anyone who has met Corey knows he's a force for good, a force for change. In minutes of meeting you, he will know the best of you and encourage you to quell all of your fears to reach your full potential. Corey is a connector, that's why we're so excited he's in charge to be a friend and resource to the community and artists of Atithi.


onyx green


Onyx Green is a community organizer from Pittsburgh. As a multidisciplinary visual artist, they aim to introduce their audience to intersectional perspectives. Informal education is where their passion lies, as they're always looking for new ways to spread information and ideas in fun and interesting ways. Onyx is the steward of the gallery space at Atithi, and the creator of the Art As Therapy program.

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mya comstock

Mya Comstock is from Erie, PA and is currently a senior at Point Park University studying Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management, with a concentration in music. Mya loves all things art and enjoys helping others launch their projects by taking on the behind the scenes work. Mya is also a surrealist photographer as well as a bass guitarist. In her free time, you can catch her jamming and creating!