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Welcome to Atithi Studios


Located in the heart of Sharpsburg, Atithi Studios is a one stop shop for artists of any and all disciplines who may be looking for community, opportunity, and so much more! The three floor building is dedicated to art and entertainment with private studios on the second and third floor, and a gallery which doubles as a flexible event venue on the first floor. Our mission is to invest in artists so they have the tools, confidence & support they need to excel in their practice, in the hopes they will reinvest that energy into their community. 

Atithi, Bengali for guest, is an ode to Rabindranath Tagore’s story about a boy who chooses the life of a wanderer. It’s a gift to the artist community of Pittsburgh — respite for the artist soul. A place to give & take; to inspire & be inspired.

Location & Hours


1020 N Canal St.

Sharpsburg, PA 15215

​Gallery Hours

Monday - Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 11AM - 4PM

Friday: 11AM - 4PM

Saturday: 11AM - 4PM

Sunday: 11AM - 4PM

Check out our Events Calendar to visit us outside of typical hours.

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