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2023 Fashion Festival

May 20, 2023

The 2023 Fashion Festival is a unique event that encourages community members to engage in sustainable creative practices while celebrating local fashion designers who regularly utilize environmentally conscious techniques throughout their brands. We have a day full of exciting events planned, including a street fair, clothing swap, film screenings, workshops, and more! The night will be capped off with the fashion show in the gallery at Atithi.

The Festival

Date: May 20, 2023
Time: 11AM - 4PM
Location: 1000-1052 N Canal St. Sharpsburg, PA 15215

We have carefully curated vendors to create an engaging street fair for community members. Each booth relates back to the central theme of Sustainable Creative Practices. There will be a great variety of pop-up shops, art installations, communal craft projects, and even apparel mending services. Our goal is to be a gateway for people to connect with organizations and businesses who are committed to sustainability. On the street, there will be food and beverage vendors, and live entertainment, too! These activities are free and open to all.

That's not all though. Inside Atithi Studios, at 1020 N Canal St., we're planning a huge clothing swap. Bring your own bag and fill it up with our vast selection of cloting in all sizes and seasons. We're accepting all clothing donations ahead of time, so you don't have to bring anything with you. Throughout the day, there will be several mending workshops that will cover basic clothing restoration techniques. We'll also have a cooldown zone with documentary screenings for people to learn more about the fashion industry's impact and to relax in between activities. An interactive installation in the space invites guests to explore the impact of textile waste on the individual. Donation based admission will be collected to access activities inside Atithi Studios, although a donation is not required to explore and enjoy!

Mending Workshop With Finley Owens

Finley Owens is an experienced artist and an expert in sewing. In this workshop, participants will learn basic sewing skills that will help them lengthen the lives of their beloved garments. During each session, Finley will introduce the materials, recommend some essential tools, and walk you through beginner repair techniques. We have scheduled four, 45 minute sessions, each exploring different topics of mending.


These workshops are FREE to join and all materials will be provided, but we encourage guests to bring their own items to fix. Registration is required. Sign up below!


11AM: Seam Repairing / Sewing on a Budget
12PM: How to Patch Holes

2PM: Stain Removal 101
3PM: Hemming and Minor Alterations


Mending Workshop Registration
Select the sessions you want to attend.

Thanks for registering. See you there!

Vendor Lineup

On the street you can expect to find a variety of vendors and organizations who align themselves with sustainable creative practices. There are popup shops, education centers, communal artmaking workshops, and mending services. Of course, no festival is complete without music, food, and entertainment! 

Click each name to visit their websites and learn more.

Booth Concepts
Food & Beverage

DJ Deesus


Sharpsburg Collaborators

The Fashion Show

Date: May 20, 2023
Time: 6PM - 10PM
Location: 1020 N Canal St. Sharpsburg, PA 15215

There are 6 incredible designers who will be showcasing their work. For many of them, this will be their debut into their careers. The work is unique, with each brand representing a different aesthetic. However, one common goal brings them all together in this show: Sustainability. We are so excited for our guests to explore the many ways that sustainability manifests in design. For some, it looks like making clothes strictly from recycled materials. For others it's about high quality garments designed to last for a lifetime. Sometimes sustainability is about practicality, and making work from what you already have. Each designer will also be donating a basket of accessories to be raffled off. Guests will also be able to shop for their limited merchandise collections during the event. This isn't your typical fashion show, it's a celebration of creativity!

Designer Lineup

These 6 incredible designers each embody a unique aesthetic, but what unites them is a passion for sustainability in fashion. While some of these designers will be making their debut into their careers, others have an extensive history of sustainable fashion design under their belts. While working on their collections for this show, they have supported and guided each other towards success. Each collection will be revealed in the order below.

Click each image to learn more about each of these individuals and their brands.

Lana Neumeyer

Lana Neumeyer

Death Perception Logo Square.png
Death Perception

Tyrn Blash

Eleven O Three

Emma Hasco

Catherine Trendz

Imani Batts

Clarissa Clifton

Clarissa Clifton

Appalachian Mogul

Sohani Bhardwaj

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