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Featured Artists

Atithi Studios works on a rotating gallery schedule. Each rotation, we feature artists on our main gallery walls located in the first floor gallery. Currently featured is The Coloured Section, a group whose goal is to make paths for those artists who are not easily able to enter into creative opportunities through the front door. The Coloured Section strives to build stronger lives and careers for all their members.

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Atithi Artists

In addition to our Featured Artists, we rotate our resident Atithi Artists regularly. Currently, works from Giovanna Ferrari, Michael Fratangelo, Laura Zion and Jacki Temple are featured. Learn more about having a studio at Atithi on the rentals page.

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Emerging Artist

As well as featuring artists in residence at Atithi, we give other local emerging artists the chance to be featured in our first floor gallery. Currently featured is Ankita Sancheti. Her artwork is inspired by her multicultural experiences, social issues, and by her admiration for nature. Contact us at for more information on being one of our emerging artists. We look forward to hearing from you!