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The Gallery

On the first floor of Atithi Studios. You will find the gallery. The beautifully restored venue houses the art of our featured, emerging, and resident artists. Together, these three sections create a viewer experience full of variety and intrigue. Curator tours are available upon request. Email to schedule. 

Open 11am-4pm
Thursday - Sunday


Current Exhibitions:

The Good Folk

The Good Folk is a series of fantastical, three-dimensional character portraits that harness the joy and wonderment to be found in childhood, queerness, aging, and the natural beauty of a backyard garden. Recovering from the grief and turmoil of the pandemic, artist Beth Fisher composed a bucolic vision of simple pleasures.

The Remembering Room

The Remembering Room is a free and interactive public exhibit that provides a communal healing space for people to process feelings of grief, experience growth, and find connection with others. Visitors will progress through 4 rooms that represent the 4 stages of grief The Remembering Room explores. Each room is a surrealist interpretation of the process of each stage, and each room offers space for visitors to sit and contemplate as well as artifacts for them to interact with. They will also have the opportunity to contribute to this living exhibit by choosing to add their own artifacts and/or write in and on designated spaces of the exhibit. The Remembering Room is meant to be an exploratory and healing experience.

Rotating Exhibition:

Emerging Artist Feature

The Emerging Artist Section of the gallery is dedicated to the new artists who are less than 5 years into the careers. These artists come from all walks of life and practice any discipline. Each month, we introduce a new artist to the gallery and encourage them to transform their section into a space that represents who they are.

Resident Collection:

Atithi Studios Artists

We proudly represent 12 artists who work from the private studios. When you venture to the 2nd and 3rd floors, you'll find the walls adorned with artwork from our very own Atithi Artists. Each of them have adapted their own styles, perspective, and practice, making our community full of life!

Want to be featured?


We're always looking to expand our community of artists. Each type of submission works differently. For our main exhibitions, we post public calls for art or invite people directly. For emerging artist features, we accept submissions on a rolling basis. There are currently no vacant private studios.

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