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Atithi’s Community Library

People from all walks of life visit Atithi Studios. Whether it’s an opening reception, private event, or just to hang out, people are always drawn to the stack of books on the coffee table lounge. So we thought, why not give them more? That's where the Atithi Community Library project comes in! In an effort to elevate the artists within our community, we’re implementing a miniature library in our lounge section. This singular bookcase will be packed with print media including, but not limited to, poetry, zines, and novels!

The three main pillars of this collection go like this:

  • Carefully curated selections relating to art making and creativity to inspire and guide you.

  • Featured works from local living authors to promote them and entertain you.

  • A variety of zines to inform you and provoke conversation.

The goal here is simple: we want to build a collection of resources that are relevant to artists, while providing a platform for our local authors to reach a diverse audience. A pleasant side effect of this mission is that we get to talk about what makes it on the shelf. Stay tuned for author highlights, book reports, and more right here!

That being said, the shelf is looking quite scarce at the moment. If you know a local author whose work should be included, send them our way! Email any time to shine a light on a specific publication you’d like to see. Whether it’s a work of your own, or a book you think everyone should read, we’re always looking for new additions to our growing collection.

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