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Behind the Design: A Color Analysis Of Our New Palette

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the new palette. What was the process? How did we get here? Why did we change it in the first place? All these questions have answers, so let’s get into it!

So the original color palette, what was wrong with it? One word: contrast. Or lack thereof. The colors all mushed together when designing graphics and flyers. It became challenging to come up with new ways to present them without muddying up the images. It was quite limiting from a design standpoint. At a first glance, the muted tones of each color really compliment each other, creating unity throughout the palette. But in terms of identity, it suggests dullness and stagnancy.

Vibrant. Diverse. Fresh. Fun. Unique. This is what we want to say with our color palette. And our previous one was just too safe. Atithi means “guest” in Bengali, so more than anything, the colors need to be inviting! So when it came time to switch things up, the challenge was retaining the positive associations with the old palette, while also revamping it to fit the essence of Atithi. It was a very intentional process, where the meaning of each color was considered as well as value, and readability.

Independence Blue: A medium dark shade of blue that is a close cousin of navy. It signifies stability. It says, “We’re here for you!”

Maximum Yellow Red: A long winded name for light orange. It represents friendliness. It says, “You’re welcome here.”

Popstar: A deep mixture of pink and red. The message for this color lies in its name. It says, “You are sensational!” It’s something every artist should believe about themselves.

Opal: A delightful light blue that leans towards green. It represents open communication and clarity. It says “Connect with us. Connect through us.”

Linen: Because plain white is hard on the eyes. This warm variation is more inviting, and less sterile.

Eerie Black: This is actually a very dark purple. It completes our rainbow palette and, why use regular black when there’s eerie? Seriously though, it’s just easy to read on top of the rest of the color selections.

So there you have it, a complete breakdown of our new palette. Maybe we’ll change it again next year. But until then, enjoy the smooth prismatic color scheme of Atithi Studios.

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